This blog is not affiliated with any sports brand or company whatsoever. It is just a casual blog to "promote active lifestyle for teenagers through multi-sports". This site mostly consists of personal sports journal entries, race events awareness, opinions on training theories etc. As a teenager, I'd like to express my passion and enthusiasm for sports through my point of view and experiences. My name is Aina Farid and I am currently a 12th grader studying in Malaysia. This blog used to be my father's, Farid Basir, when he used to log the numerous Triathlon events I had competed in.

Triathlon is the number one sport we are mostly interested in but there are also other sports that we find appealing (we're still debating if we like Football or not). Our favourite thing to do is to search for places to race, train, and engage in rigorous sports activities. I have also practiced a lot of other sports such as Track and Field, Cross Country, Badminton, Swimming, Touch Rugby, and many more.

The teenage life so far has not been the easiest for me. Since I'm still attending school I am expected to balance my school work and sports activities. These struggles are one of my main inspirations to share my knowledge to others. Hoping that together we can find different solutions to maintain an equilibrium to our overwhelming lives. Through all these pressures my father and I always remind each other that the main purpose is to have fun! I hope that my thoughts and ideas will be beneficial to the readers and if there are any queries, additional input or comments of the sort please do not hesitate to do so!

Thanks a bunch,
Aina Farid

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